Barbells + Brew

Grab a friend and lift with us this Fall

Price: $75

Event Date:October 14th, 2023 9:00 am

● 3-event Team Workout; Scaled, Masters, RX Divisions (Male/Male or Female/Female
● Event 1:

Teams will complete 60 Clean & Jerks for time (Masters Weight: 65/45, Scaled
Weight: 65/45, RX Weight 95/65)

● Event 2:

Clean Complex: Partners will establish a heavy max complex (High Hang Clean
+ Hang Clean + Clean) Total will be highest weight complex both partners
complete combined.

● Event 3:

Teams build to a heavy 5 rep back squat. Total score with be each partners
weight for a heavy set of 5 combined

● Overall Pound for pound winner for Masters, Scaled, and RX

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