CrossFlint 5k Championship

Looking to add a new challenge to your 5k Crim Experience this year? 75 Body weight spots and 50 weighted spots available

Price: $75

Event Date:August 26th, 2023 10:00 am

● In conjunction with the Crim Festival of Races (Runners AND walkers welcome!!)

● Participate in the Crim 5k, either in the weighted or bodyweight division and upon
reaching Sal’s Gym each participant works through 4 functional movement stations

● Complete 2-min of max reps for each movement
Bodyweight: Push Ups, Down Ups, Sit Ups, Air Squats
Weighted: Pull Ups, Burpees Over Keg, Keg Thrusters, Keg Carry

● Head back out on the route and complete the remainder of the 5k

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