The last gym membership you'll ever need.

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If you enjoy lifting with friends, results, being in control of your training, want to enjoy your workouts again and build muscle, you're in the right place.




When your friends find out you train with Sal, you're likely to get some questions thrown at you like:

"What's it like at Sal's?"

"What exactly do you do there?"

"Should I do it, too?"

It's not luxurious, it's real. It's a place where it's okay to want to be strong and be myself.  There's no gimmicks and it's teaching me that I can do hard $h1T.

Sal's was founded by two people with an old school, no bullsh** mentality. The couple struggled to find a gym that was a good fit, and Sal's Gym was born in 2018 in Flint.

To date, Sal's has helped hundreds of people get strong and look good naked.