"It’s a community and far exceeds the gym experiences they have probably had elsewhere."

I Joined Sal’s to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. A lot of past trainers cared more about quick results, and quite often had me on plans with too much cardio and far too little calories for quick weight loss but didn’t give me the tools to sustain weight loss and be healthier. Which lead me to developing a rollercoaster relationship with weight loss and an unhealthy relationship with food. As well as body dysmorphia.
I loved the vibe I received even from my initial meeting, like Jake and Ashleigh really cared about my health and progress rather than numbers. I was treated as a person and given an initial overview from Ashleigh that was a huge contrast from past encounters with other gyms and trainers.
I want to be as strong as possible , and lose body fat in a sustainable and healthy way. To gain friendships with like minded people.
If you’re considering joining,  Do it. It’s a community and far exceeds the gym experiences they have probably had elsewhere. That I adore jake and Ashleigh and how encouraging they are. I’ve never heard either comment on how ‘skinny’ someone is or how much weight someone has lost. Which I admire because it’s far different from other trainers I’ve had. From them it’s always, ‘ you look strong’. And that had a huge impact on me mentally and some of the battles I was going through. I’ve made so many friends. And couldn’t see myself going anywhere else.

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